As Pageant Media moved to a new office space to house their growing company, they wanted flexible working solutions and a style update. We worked with ThirdWay Interiors to provide striking floors for this CAT B fit-out.

Challenging Angles

This was an installation which demanded precision from our fitting teams, as it involved several junctions between floor finishes at a variety of angles – all unified by minimalist glazed offices. ThirdWay also incorporated the unique exterior curve of the One London Wall building into their design. A series of interlocking meeting rooms and open plan sections in monolithic carpet met the herringbone-laid woven vinyl of the angular main walkway, so careful decisions were made to make sure that each section bordered in a harmonious way.


Our Solutions

In this creative office design, varying how the products were laid was used to great effect. In the central walkway, Bolon’s Silence woven vinyl planks in ‘Illuminate’ were laid in a herringbone pattern, with planks facing in alternating directions. This created a reflective chevron design, which appears and disappears depending of the angle of the light.

Interface’s Touch & Tones carpet tiles were laid in a checkerboard pattern, using different pile heights of the ‘Griege’ colourway to create contrast. Elsewhere, subtle blue and teal tones were used to reference Pageant Media’s company logo.

We laid Forbo Marmoleum Concrete to the break-out spaces and Interface’s Composure carpet to the open-plan office areas, as both provide practicality without distracting from stunning views of the London skyline.


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Photography by Tom Fallon.

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