A world-leading FinTech organisation, Currencycloud required a bold, dynamic workspace, with a variety of flexible areas for work and play. CCWS provided this with their design-and-build service, and Aspect supplied and fitted the flooring throughout. The results were striking, colourful and memorable - keep an eye out for the indoor putting green!

Our Solutions

The playful office design was built on practical foundations; Polyflex Plus in Firth Grey and Gradus’ Lafite Connect Stripes carpet tiles both provided durable solutions for high-traffic areas.

We created a meandering central walkway using Karndean LVT planks, which were cut to fit custom-made templates, designed by the Aspect team. This walkway led through to an open-plan café area with views over Old Spitalfields Market. The wood-effect Karndean flooring was the perfect complement to the timber stepped-seating presentation area, as well as the other wood elements in the office furniture.


Brand Accents

Filling in the gaps, we also installed a vibrant teal feature area in the Currencycloud reception space, using Desso’s luxurious Palatino carpet tiles in the colourway T Green. This also required our fitting teams to carefully template and cut each square carpet tile to shape, to reproduce the feature area's smooth curves as they were designed on CCWS' drawings.

Meeting rooms were decorated with Quadrant Frequency carpet tiles in a palette grey mixed with of bright accent colours, also taken from the client’s branding.

This project shows how - as CCWS have achieved for Currencycloud - today’s office designers can create vibrant spaces which are both practical and playful. The adventurous flooring choices contribute as much to the presentation of the client’s brand ethos as much as each other element used in the office's interior design.

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